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Last update: 10:30 AM AEDT, Monday 14th March 2022


My appeal and collection effort

Status of donated items

Status of donated money

After driving the tailer up from Sydney, I visited the Disaster Recovery Centre and the Mullumbimby & District Neighbourhood Centre in Mullumbimby on Thursday, 10th March 2022.

I had a long chat with Julie Williams, manager of the MDNC. Her own house was inundated – with water going through the house. And they’ve lost a car to the floods like hundreds of other families. But she, like so many other MDNC staff and volunteers show up every day and support the community in whatever way they can.

Local artist, entrepreneur and community champion Christopher Dean had flagged to me that transport is badly needed within as hundreds of cars have been lost to the floods. As we all know, in rural areas without a car people can’t even get to the community centres to receive badly needed help.

A community bus or other large vehicle purchased by the MDNC or another community organisation can prove to be extremely beneficial to the mobility needs of the flood-stricken community.

My current thinking is to transfer the funds to MDNC to be added to a larger pool of money used for the sole purpose of acquiring a people mover vehicle for the Mullumbimby and surrounding community. If you are part of this community or have donated to this cause, and have any comments regarding the above, please email me.

I will move info related to the money donations to this page soon, but for now, please see the original appeal page for details of money collection.


Most importantly, if you haven’t already helped this effort and wouldn’t mind parting with some cash to help a community VERY BADLY hit by floods, please hit the button below and donate by PayPal, or email me for bank details.

All money will be given to MDNC – an organisation that has been making a direct and immediate positive impact during this crisis, or a very similar organisation in the Northern Rivers. They will have DGR (Deductible Gift Receipt) and/or PBI (Public Benevolent Institution) status and a donation receipt will be available to anyone who has contributed. Please let me know if you would like one.