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Last update: 10:15 AM AEDT, Monday 14th March 2022


My appeal and collection effort

Status of donated items

After driving the tailer up from Sydney, I visited the Disaster Recovery Centre and the Mullumbimby & District Neighbourhood Centre in Mullumbimby on Thursday, 10th March 2022.

After a lengthy discussion with the manager of MDNC, Julie Williams, I decided to hand over all donated items to the MDNC for appropriate distribution directly to those who need the items most.

On Friday, 11th March, I took the trailer to MDNC, where volunteers helped unload it and stored everything safely in the storage room. I was told that items don’t stay in the room very long, and are taken by helicopter or otherwise several times a day to where they’re needed most.

All items have now left my hands.

Photos of the handover to come when I next update this page.