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Last update: 10th November 2022 (This page now has archival information and is not current)
Total updates: 25 (There are updates to almost all sections. Check out the total raised below, and help make it even higher!)

TLDR version

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The details of my appeal are on Facebook. Please read that entire post for context.

READ THIS FIRST —>> My post on Facebook with all the details.

This page is only for the current status and to get in touch with me.

Please do not donate anything that’s not on the list below.


Please only donate money now, no more goods!

I have a trailer load of very useful donations ready to go up to Mullumbimby and surrounds. Following BOM advice, I’m not driving up today (Tuesday) due to the significant rain and storm activity across the entire coastline. I will set off on Wednesday 9th March early. I will also need to pack the additional items I received last night and this morning.

Photos are towards the bottom of this page.

Donated items and donors

Donated money


Other: $65 Bunnings gift voucher received as donation and used at Bunnings.

Amazing! Please keep sharing my post, everyone. Let’s get it over $15K!

I’ve only spent around $800 at bunnings and elsewhere as the trailer got filled by excellent donated items. I do not intend to spend much more than that.

Update: actual cash used: -745.38 for Bunnings items and cleaning vinegar. And so a total of $10,820.59 is available for the flood affected community.

This money will be given to MDNC – an organisation that has been making a direct and immediate positive impact during this crisis. They have DGR (Deductible Gift Receipt) and PBI (Public Benevolent Institution) status and can issue a donation receipt to anyone who has contributed. Please let me know if you would like one.

Regardless, I will post all financial information and photos here after I hand over the goods and the cash.

My schedule (updated)

How to help

Donate money

I have a full trailer load and can’t take any more items.

If you know me personally and want to contribute money that will be used in its entirety, with no admin costs, for the direct benefits of those most impacted, then please use my PayPal link below or ask for my PayID bank details. Please include your name with the transfer. Mullumbimby Neighbourhood Centre will receive the entirety of the funds (after PayPal fees), and I will post photos and confirmation of transfer here.

(Update: Link now disabled, please donate directly to Mullumbimby District and Neighbourhood Centre)

Please help now! The donors’ list is down below.

Help packing the trailer

Thanks to Adam for spending hours helping me pack the trailer. And also for receiving donations at his cafe. You’re a legend.

List of items needed

This section contains outdated information. Please only donate money now. The trailer is full.

Please only bring items from the updated list below. Highlighted items are most desirable. I have no idea how much will come through. If this appeal is successful and I receive enough to fill the trailer, the donations will have to stop as I can’t leave anything behind in Enmore when I drive up on Tuesday, weather permitting.

Items NOT needed

Please do not donate these items

Items I can not safely take up, even though they are needed up there

Donors of money and gift vouchers


A website for people donating services to connect with those who need them

A list of other places to donate

More on how you can help


Donated items

At the beginning

This is what I initially bought at Bunnings, having spent 10% of the budget Tan and I have allocated from our personal funds. I stopped there and started putting together this appeal, as our total budget would have barely filled 20% of the trailer. Once I’ve received donations from my appeal, I wanted to commence spending the balance of our budget, and any money transferred to me.

Items received at Buddha Bowl Cafe on Sunday

Donors at the Buddha Bowl cafe included Corina, Onza, Rosella, Sue & Sarah, Ba, Fiona, Justin, and Gemma.

Items dropped off at Enmore on Sunday

Items dropped off at Enmore on Monday,7th March

Bunnings voucher from Mel H

Sorting, shopping, labelling and packing

Items purchased with some of the donated money

The trailer

What they want

This is the latest Mullumbimby as at 11 AM Tuesday 8th March. Gift cards are the main thing they’d like donated going forward so that people have control over getting things they need when they need them.


Here’s the ‘too long, didn’t read’ version.

(Update: Link now disabled, please donate directly to Mullumbimby District and Neighbourhood Centre)

Or, to avoid potential PayPal fees, email me at [email protected] for my bank details.

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